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Cosmetic Bonding

At Hill Crest Dental, we can give you the smile you’re looking for through cosmetic bonding. This treatment is made to cover any tooth flaws by applying a thin coating of a composite resin material on the surface of your teeth which can be sculpted to create a perfectly shaped flawless looking tooth. With cosmetic dental bonding, we can treat aesthetic flaws in just one visit.

Cosmetic bonding can treat a variety of flaws such as repairing chipped teeth, lengthening teeth that are too small, closing gaps between teeth and so much more.

The process for cosmetic bonding:

  • The tooth is first cleaned and polished.
  • An etchant (an acidic liquid) is placed on the tooth. This is then rinsed off giving the surface of the tooth a chalky, slightly porous texture which helps the plastic material bond to your tooth.
  • The bonding material is than shade matched to the tooth and sculpted and shaped onto the tooth structure.
  • Finally, it is hardened by a special ultraviolet blue light.

Give us a call to find out if cosmetic bonding is right for you!