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Silver FillingsSilver Fillings

Silver dental fillings are a common way to repair teeth damaged by decay to restore them to their original strength and function. Fillings not only repair current decay, they also help to prevent future decay by sealing any areas where bacteria could penetrate the tooth.

The process for silver fillings:

  •   Any decay is removed from the tooth and the area is cleaned.
  •   A band is placed around the tooth and the silver filling material is placed onto the damaged area which then sets.
  •   The filling is shaped to match the anatomy of the tooth and then takes about 10-15 minutes to fully cure.

Silver fillings are made of several metals, primarily silver, tin and copper. They are less expensive than white/composite fillings and more long lasting, however they are more noticeable in your mouth because of the metallic colour. If your cavity is in a more visible area, we would recommend a white filling.

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