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The state of your gum tissue is very important to your overall dental health and contributes to a healthy, beautiful smile.

Gum surgery (periodontal surgery) comprises multiple types of surgical methods to treat the soft tissue areas surrounding your teeth as well the supporting bone structure. It can provide esthetic benefits, correcting any imperfections such as a gummy smile in which either your gums are too exposed making your teeth appear small, too long, or in the wrong place. Gum surgery also provides health benefits and can be used to eliminate bacteria that causes gum disease or regenerate your gums or the surrounding bone.

Hill Crest Dental Centre provides several types of surgical procedures to include reshaping and re-contouring gum tissue, crown lengthening, gingival flap surgery, soft-tissue grafting and bone graft surgery.

Your overall dental health and your smile goals will be evaluated to determine if you’re a good candidate for periodontal surgery. Call us today to book your appointment.